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Our Mission

We only exist for the athletes. 

Our mission is to establish a foundational structure that instills values that help an athlete develop over the course of their sports career. Our training programs provide education awareness and progressions that make it challenging for any age athlete. We establish goals and sport-specific requirements to be achieved throughout the process of our training and assess the development over time.

Flexibility, injury prevention, conditioning, hydration, nutrition, and strength are some of the attributes we will instill at Lake Country Performance. It is our mission to develop the most well-oiled athlete we can and try to touch upon every dynamic possible. We can customize any program and will work with each athlete to know that they are getting the proper training they need.  An additional component of our programming is a dedicated Sport Psychologist.  Sport Psychology is about providing athletes with the mental links to athletic excellence, which help them take advantage of the most powerful weapon they have, their mind.

Welcome to Lake Country Performance, your one stop shop for the absolute highest level of training around.

Become an individual athlete member, register for a league or rent our surfaces!


We provide a simple all-in-one $99.00/Monthly Membership for youth athletes ages 9-19 (younger ages considered following an assessment).

Rather than build an extensive and confusing list of services that are only available on certain days at certain times, we keep it really simple.

Our members have unlimited access to one (1) hour fitness sessions every day of the week.

To select a time, Members use our mobile app or online tool to create their own schedule for each week.

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