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Failure to abide by these regulations may result in disciplinary action and the possibility of ejection from the facility.  These Rules and Regulations must be shared with each Athlete and at least one (1) parent or legal guardian of any Athlete under the age of eighteen (18) years old prior to entry into the facility.  Organizations are required to also complete an Organization Acknowledgement Form.

1. NO cleats or turf shoes allowed.  Athletes must wear closed toe indoor, hard floor or tennis shoes.

2. NO gum, outside food or beverage may be brought into the facility.  All food and beverages must be purchased inside the facility from LCP.  The only exception is a properly labeled individual water bottle for each Athlete and coach or other team staff.


3. NO children under the age of 18 are permitted in the facility without adult supervision present.  All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Adults present in the facility, whether a coach, parent or legal guardian are responsible for the conduct of any child in their care.

4. Spectators must observe and obey and all signs and staff instructions.  Spectators are not permitted inside the netted areas unless instructed by LCP staff.  All spectators understand and assume the risk of bodily injury upon entry into the facility.

5. Each Athlete must be outfitted in proper safety equipment prior to entering a netted area.  NO dangerous equipment or inappropriate attire is permitted into the facility.

6. At no time shall an Athlete or spectator enter a court or room that is not included within the rental contract of the Athlete’s organization.  The only exception shall be to utilize the public restrooms located near Court 1 and Court 2, or to seek medical attention.

7. NO equipment may be moved or removed without prior approval or instruction from LCP staff.  Custom configurations and special event layouts require pre-approval no less than two (2) days prior to the usage period.

8. All equipment must be returned in good order to it’s designated storage area immediately following your usage period.  Any damage to the facility, equipment or injuries must be reported immediately.

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