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The frequently asked questions below may be able to answer some of your initial questions.

How does a youth athlete get started and how does it work?

1) Youth athletes register for a membership plan. 


2) At that time an online profile will be created and recurring monthly billing will be set up.  


3) Going forward the athlete (parent) can schedule times just about any day of the week at select times to come into the facility for small group/personal training in 1 hour increments with the opportunity to use our athlete's lounge and other surfaces as available.  We also host regular events that are both FREE and some paid that all youth athletes (and sometimes parents) can attend each month.

4) Athletes with a Monthly Membership plan will receive a complimentary assessment, which will be trackable on a regular basis.  Other Membership Plans require the purchase of a 1-on-1 Assessment if interested in this service.

Do I have to commit to a minimum number of months?

No.  We do not require a commitment to any number of months and you can cancel anytime.  To note, after the initial assessment recurring charges are "paid forward" so you do need to cancel several days prior to your next billing cycle.

What does the typical one hour session look like for a youth athlete?

Each session is custom and personalized for each athlete based on a specific sport, desired goal or a combination of both.  Check out a sample session here:

How many times a week can a youth athlete attend sessions?

Seven (7) days a week technically, although most recommended workout routines will be no more than three (3) times a week depending on the time of season.  Each athlete can attend one (1) session or the equivalent of one (1) hour per day, plus fifteen (15) minutes before and after each session to warm up and cool down (1.5 hours total daily). 


What hours are sessions offered?

Typically sessions will be offered throughout the week at various times based upon demand.  A real time calendar is available to view session times and book.

Are the sessions private or small group?

Sessions will typically be small group with a very limited trainer to athlete ratio based on the time of day and number of athletes in attendance.

Are private sessions available for 1-on-1 training or specific sports performance?

Yes.  We do offer sports specific and 1-on-1 personal training.  Please contact us to discuss options.

Do you offer specialized trainings dedicated to specific types of training or fitness?

Yes.  From time-to-time we offer both free and paid specialty training sessions based on a variety of sports performance and fitness goals.

Can I request a specific personal trainer for each session?

No.  Not at this time due to the large number of training opportunities each week.

Should parents attend training sessions?

Parents can view the initial one-on-one assessment, but they are not permitted to attend the regular training sessions without making a special request.  We find that athletes tend to excel when they are in a controlled environment without parental oversight.  We have a designated waiting area for parents on site and all parents must leave multiple emergency contacts.

Will youth athletes be using heavy weights, weight machines or free weights?

No.  All of our athletes are trained on the benefits of utilizing resistance bands, TRX stations and additional fitness tools that do not require free or heavy weights.

What other services are available to youth athletes?

We offer a variety of professional services including; specific sport training, sport psychology, nutrition and physical therapy.  Our new professional office will be opening on site in the Summer of 2022. 

Do you offer any services or classes for adults?

Yes.  While we do not offer adult memberships at this time, we will have classes available from time-to-time.

Do you offer Team Training for my entire club or team?

Yes.  Learn more about Team Training here.

Can I rent your facility?

Yes.  We offer multiple opportunities to rent our surfaces for both small and large events.  Check out our rental options here.

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