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Starting in late November 2022, we will offer our first E-Sports Program for the Winter of 2022-2023.  Our program will be focused on a combination of gameplay, e-sports skills and education.  While our focus at LCP remains on the field and we promote physical activity, we recognize that e-sports is the wave of the future.  We feel we have an opportunity to serve our members by providing a rewarding and educational experience that leverages this evergreen technology platform.  While this is designed to be a "remote" program with participants at home, there will be opportunities to come together and an end of season party!


How does the program work?  On a regular basis participants will be invited to participate in e-sports challenges with a varying degree of difficulty.  Most challenges will allow for up to one (1) week to complete.  Once the challenge is completed or the participant is ready to submit their "work", they will simply need to complete a simple 1 minute online form and upload a photo or video. 

What type of challenges should we expect?  First off, our challenges will NOT be designed to require endless hours in front of a screen without an educational aspect.  Each challenge will be focused on accomplishing a task that has perceived "real world" value.  Many challenges will require the participant to research a location, historical event or complete a combination of physical activity and gameplay.

Can you provide an example of an educational challenge?  An example would be a "Minecraft" build of a specific historical monument or event (heavily influenced by sports of course!).  After completing their custom build, they will visit an online form, input participant name (parent/guardian), age level, date and upload a photo or video of their build (screen capture or simply a photo/video from a smart phone).

Can you provide an example of a combination of physical activity and gameplay? An example would be to complete a participant's favorite "FIFA" skill move using their favorite player and then complete the skill move themselves.  After completing the move in the game, they can simply rewind and record a video of the gameplay.  They can then ask a friend/parent/guardian to record of a video of them completing the same skill move themselves.  Once complete they will visit an online form, input participant name (parent/guardian), age level, name of the skill move, name of favorite player, date and upload videos (screen capture or simply videos from a smart phone).

Will there be scoring or rankings? Yes, participants will receive points simply for completing challenges and the participant's first name (or user name) and photos may be featured on our social media pages.  

Will there be contests with winners and losers?  Yes.  All participants will receive free entry into contests that may be held from time to time.  These will be completely OPTIONAL with all rules and scoring information provided in advance.  Participants may also receive invites to external contests, which will we announce from time-to-time.

Why should I encourage an athlete to participate in e-sports? Bottom line is that a lot of athletes engage in e-sports for fun and leisure already with little to no structure.  We believe that putting a curriculum behind that "screen time" can provide education, opportunities to learn from gameplay and encourage constructive use of this time off the field in a safe environment.



Multiple Platforms Supported: PC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo

Game Requirements: Games are TBD and may change from time-to-time.  Initially, the games required will be: Minecraft, Fortnite, FIFA (all versions and editions will be acceptable).

Submittal Requirements: Participants (or their parent/guardian) will be required to upload photos or videos using either a screen capture OR simply an image/video from a smartphone.  It is a very easy process and will only take a couple of minutes.



  • Custom User Name

  • E-Sports League Power Rankings

  • Multiple Challenges Each Month

  • Invites to Unique Experiences

  • Complimentary Entry into All Contests

  • Educational Components and Curriculum

  • Opportunity to Attend Live Events at SFC Indoor Facility

  • End of Season Party for Participants

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