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Our Mission

We only exist for the athletes. 

Our mission is to establish a foundational structure that instills values that help an athlete develop over the course of their sports career. Our training programs provide education awareness and progressions that make it challenging for any age athlete. We establish goals and sport-specific requirements to be achieved throughout the process of our training and assess the development over time.

Flexibility, injury prevention, conditioning, hydration, nutrition, and strength are some of the attributes we will instill at Lake Country Performance. It is our mission to develop the most well-oiled athlete we can and try to touch upon every dynamic possible. We can customize any program and will work with each athlete to know that they are getting the proper training they need.

Welcome to Lake Country Performance, your one stop shop for the best training around.




Sport Psychologist, PHD

Dr. Peder N. Piering's passion lies in working with athletes, coaches, parents, and anyone who wants to enhance their experience through sport and fitness. Peder has over 10 years of formal education, almost 20 years of experience as a sport psychologist, and a lifetime of involvement in athletics. Sport psychology is about providing you with the mental links to athletic excellence. It helps you take advantage of the most powerful weapon you have: your mind. With access to the theories, techniques, and tools of modern sport psychology you can better understand and improve your
mental game. With an emphasis on the dynamic that is mind and body, sport psychology enhances our knowledge in the areas of health and human performance. When mind and body function in harmony an athlete is capable of tapping into what many have referred to as “intangible” qualities. While in this mental and physical state, an athlete can achieve the ultimate
high and experience thrilling moments that result in peak performance.


  • Licensed Psychologist - State of Wisconsin (2001-Present)

  • National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology (2001-{Present)

  • United States Olympic Committee / Sport Psychology Registry (2003-2020)

  • Certified Consultant – Association of Applied Sport Psychology (2003-2020)

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